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Moravian Sugar Cake Waffles
Moravian Sugar Cake Waffles

How'd we make this incredibly delicious treat even MORE scrumptious?! We turned it into a waffle! Transform this traditional breakfast item into something spectacular everyone will enjoy! 



1. Take one Moravian Sugar Cake and cut it into pieces depending on how large your waffle iron is (we used a mini dash so our pieces were bite sized, but you can make larger pieces using a full sized waffle iron)

2. Preheat your waffle iron so it's nice and hot before adding your piece of sugar cake (If non-stick, you may want to spray your pan with non-stick spray before adding your sugar cake).

3. Griddle your sugar cake piece until golden brown and bubbly. Remove and serve! 

This is best served warm straight from the waffle iron. We recommend drizzling with syrup for an easy breakfast or adding a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream if serving as a dessert. YUM! Enjoy!