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Dewey's Bakery


Since 1930, Dewey’s Bakery has had the privilege of offering customers deliciously sweet and savory treats that reflect the local flavors we love. Our products are baked with care, and our passion is creating moments that bring people together to slow down, celebrate life and enjoy the moment! Our bakery has become a beloved part of our hometown of Winston-Salem, NC, and we’re proud to have been a part of such a wonderful community for so many generations.

Dewey's Bakery Staff
Dewey's Bakery Grand Opening
Dewey's Bakery Grand Opening on Fourth Street
Dewey's Bakery Staff
Dewey's Bakery Founder, Dewey Wilkerson
Dewey's Bakery - Our First Business Card
Mildred, Becky & Edith Assist a Customer
Our Delivery Truck
Dewey's Bakery - Our First Credit Card
Dewey's Bakery Float in the Winston Salem Christmas Parade
Dewey's Bakery - Fourth Street Fire
Patterson Drug Thank You Ad
Dewey's Bakery Thruway Store
Dewey's Bakery On Fourth Street
Feet of Dewey's Bakery Trucks Behind Thruway
Dewey's Bakery Float at the Winston Salem Christmas Parade
Dewey's Bakery Ads
Dewey's Bakery - Thanksgiving 1970
Blue Ridge Ice Cream Joins Dewey's Bakery
Dewey's Bakery Opens First Fundraising Store
Dewey's Bakery Blends Ice Cream Flavors
Dewey's Bakery Cookies & Crackers Debut Nationwide
Dewey's Bakery Today

We’re passionate about giving back to the community and making our company a wonderful and rewarding place to work. Since 2012, our fundraising programs have helped raise over $1.7 million for schools and nonprofits in North Carolina!