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Moravian Cookies Gifts

Nothing encompasses a taste of Winston-Salem quite like a Moravian Cookie.

At Dewey’s Bakery, we follow our centuries-old recipe, combining full flavor vanilla, finely milled wheat flour and whole eggs to create the world’s thinnest and most flavorful cookies. All of our Moravian cookies are baked in small batches to ensure the perfect size, shape, and taste you expect from your favorite cookies.

We’re your hometown bakery, no matter where you are.

Whether you’re local or across the country, you can easily share a taste of Winston-Salem by sending our Moravian Cookies as gifts to your friends and family all over the country.

Moravian Cookies make the perfect gifts for anyone with our variety of flavors:

Our Moravian cookies are a delightful gift for any occasion, but there’s no better time of the year to share Moravian Cookies than the holidays! Every year, we offer special Moravian Cookie Gift Tins with festive designs so pretty you won’t want to wrap them!

Moravian Cookie Gift Tins come in the following flavors:

Moravian cookies make excellent gifts for everyone on your holiday list:

Friends & Family

Sending a taste of Winston-Salem to your friends and family out of town is easy with our free shipping on any order over $39.99! If you know a Winston-Salem native who has moved away, our Moravian cookies will give them a taste of home during the holidays. Now, if you’re the first of your friends and family to try our Moravian cookies, you have to share the goodness of these unique, thin cookies with everyone you know!


The holidays are a great time to show your coworkers you care and appreciate their support, so why not show them with delectable Moravian cookies in our gift tins or tubes. They will definitely thank you as they enjoy the fresh, warm taste of Moravian cookies in their favorite flavor! All of our Moravian cookies are baked in small batches with clean ingredients. Give your coworkers a gift they can also share with their family around the table this holiday!


Every day teachers pour themselves into the development of their students. Let them know you are grateful for their hard work with Moravian Cookies! Our Moravian Cookies are like potato chips — you can’t have just one! So when you gift our Moravian Cookies to your child’s teacher, you’re giving them delectable cookies they can relax and enjoy after a long day. Or you’re giving them a quick break in the middle of the day when they sneak a Moravian cookie or two while students are at recess!