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What Is a Moravian Cookie?
What Is a Moravian Cookie?

What Is A Moravian Cookie?

For over 90 years, our company has been baking Moravian Cookies using premium ingredients free from artificial flavors, preservative sand synthetic colors. Today, we’re using the same time-honored baking traditions to bring these treats to cookie lovers in grocery stores nationwide! Our bakers have created an array of flavors that stay true to the heritage of the original recipes.
Moravian Cookie history

Moravian Cookies date back to the days of great exploration, when exotic spices from around the world made their way into ports of Europe. The people of Moravia, a kingdom marked by rolling hills and dotted with castles, saw these spices as rare treasures and created cookies to showcase these precious ingredients and preserve their full, rich flavor.

They learned that by rolling the dough until it was whisper-thin and baking it slowly, they could create a cookie with a light, crisp texture and capture the intense flavors of the exotic spices they loved. Through the ages, this thin cookie became legendary.

The Moravians journeyed to America and founded the town of Salem, North Carolina in 1766, bringing their cherished recipes. The town eventually became the vibrant community of Winston-Salem, where our bakery was founded in 1930 and the place we still call home today.

In addition to the traditional Ginger Spice and Classic Sugar varieties that have been baked for generations, our selection now includes flavors like Meyer Lemon, Triple Ginger, Brownie Crisp, Salted CaramelToasted Coconut, Peanut Butter, and seasonal flavors when they are available.