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Our Favorite Ways To Make S'mores!
Our Favorite Ways To Make S'mores!

Looking to jazz up your usual s'mores recipe this fall? Look no further! Here at Dewey's we love creating unique and delicious s'mores variations using our cookies.

Our cookies add so much flavor, while providing a crisp exterior that holds all of your favorite fillings together for the perfect bite. Check out some of the variations we've created and let us know which recipe you're making at your next campfire! 


Dewey's Triple Ginger Moravian Cookie Thins sandwiching a crispy marshmallow and chunk of chocolate

Triple Ginger S'mores


Dewey's Triple Ginger Cookies
Your favorite chocolate
Your favorite marshmallow 

Lightly brown your marshmallow over a campfire or using the broil setting on your oven or toaster oven. Place a piece of your favorite chocolate on top of a Triple Ginger Cookie. Place your toasted marshmallow on top of the chocolate. Top off the s'more with another Triple Ginger Cookie. Enjoy!


Dewey's Triple Ginger Moravian Cookie Thins scooping up S'mores dip from a cast iron pan

Triple Ginger S'mores Dip


Dewey's Triple Ginger Cookies


Your favorite chocolate chips

Your favorite marshmallows

Cast Iron or Oven-Safe Skillet

Preheat your oven to 450 degrees while warming a skillet over the stove. Once warm, brush butter to coat the skillet on the bottom and around all sides. Add your chocolate chips and remove from heat. Pour in marshmallows and then place in preheated oven for 5-6 minutes until toasted. Serve with Dewey's Triple Ginger Cookies to dip and enjoy!


Pumpkin Moravian Cookie Thins S'mores sandwich with ice cream, marshmallow, and a square of chocolate

Salted Caramel S'mores with Ice Cream


Dewey's Salted Caramel Cookies

Your favorite chocolate (we recommend a dark chocolate)

Your choice of ice cream

Marshmallow fluff

Assemble your ice cream s'mores sandwich by layering a Dewey's Salted Caramel Cookie on the bottom, adding a scoop of your favorite ice cream, followed by a square of chocolate, and then scoop a spoonful of marshmallow fluff on top. If you have access to a kitchen torch, you can add a toasty flavor by lightly torching the marshmallow fluff! Finish off the s'more with a second Salted Caramel Cookie on top and enjoy!