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New Years Charcuterie
New Years Charcuterie


  • 1 brie cheese
  • black food coloring
  • dollop of cream cheese

To assemble:

Whip your cream cheese with black food coloring to create an "icing" to pipe onto your brie round. Start with the 12, then the 6, the 3, and then the 9 to help with spacing. If you are cutting off the top of your brie and won't taste the icing, you can use store-bought black icing to save time and steps!

Our Favorite Pairings

Savory- Use any meat (we used salami) and your favorite cheese (pepperjack!) on top of our Triple Ginger Moravian Cookie Thins to create the perfect savory bite. The ginger adds a sweet spice and depth of flavor!

Sweet- Top your Triple Ginger Moravian Cookie Thins with a dollop of creamy goat cheese and then drizzle with honey or ham of your choice! So delicious.