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Bear-y Sandwich
Bear-y Sandwich

Get ready to embark on a creative and delicious journey that'll delight kids and adults alike! 🐻🍞 Our whimsical Bear-y Sandwich recipe is a delightful treat that's as fun to make as it is to eat.


  • Your favorite bread slices
  • Nutella
  • Jelly (your choice of flavor)
  • Dewey's Cookies (your choice of flavor)
  • A little imagination and a whole lot of love! ❤️


  1. Shape the Bear: Using a coffee mug or glass, press down on each slice of bread to cut out a circle shape. Using the leftover crust, create two ear shapes.
  2. Spread the Filling: Begin by generously spreading Nutella on one slice of bread. On the other side, spread your favorite jelly. Out both sides together to form a sandwich.

  3. Cookie Nose: Place one cookie for the nose and pipe (using a ziploc bag with a spoonful of nutella) a triangle nose and smiling mouth onto the top of the cookie. Above the cookie, add two dots of Nutella to make the eyes. The cookie adds a delightful sweet crunch!

  4. Ears: On each side of the bear's head, squish the ears between the layers of bread and pinch to secure.

  5. Complete Your Creation: Admire your adorable Bear Sandwich! It's almost too cute to eat. Almost!

This delightful Bear Sandwich is perfect for back-to-school lunches, picnics, or just an imaginative snack time adventure. Watch the smiles light up as your kids (and the young at heart) discover the magic you've created.

Share your Bear Sandwich creations with us by tagging @Deweysbakery- we can't wait to see the joy you're spreading!