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This month, we’re honoring Big Brothers Big Sisters Services for the incredible friendships they encourage in our community every day. The group’s purpose is to help children realize their potential and build their futures by connecting them with adult volunteers who can serve as friends and mentors.

BBBS serves about 700 kids each year in Forysth and Davie counties. This year they’re celebrating 40 years of service, during which they’ve changed the lives of an estimated 20,000 children, not to mention the adult “bigs” that form friendships and mentor their “littles”.

“Our Bigs consistently say that being a mentor is more rewarding for them than it is for their Little, but we know that the friendship is transformative for both of them because it helps the Little see the world from a different perspective,” says Jodi Sarver, Marketing, Communications & Outreach Coordinator for BBBS.

The relationships that result from BBBS’s efforts make an enormous difference in the lives of both the bigs and the littles, as Todd and T.J. can attest. T.J. was 7 years old when he was paired with his big brother Todd. Over the years, the two have created a tight bond. Todd credits T.J. with helping him become more patient and curious, and T.J. has learned the importance of education and the impact it will have on his future.

To thank the staff for all of their hard work and give a treat to the kids, we brought our ice cream cart to their offices to serve free ice cream and cake.

Please join us in thanking and rewarding this organization that uses friendship and mentorship to make a difference in the lives of local kids!