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This month, we’re honoring the Sawtooth School for Visual Art for the creativity they cultivate in our city every day. This community visual arts school is the only one of its kind in Winston-Salem, and has taken on the role of “incubator” for visual artists. Children and adults of all ages have been discovering their love of the arts here since 1945, when it was founded as the Winston-Salem Arts and Crafts Workshop. In 1982 the organization moved into its present home in the Sawtooth Building, which was named for its jagged roofline with skylights that maximizes the natural light in the building.

The school offers classes in painting, photography, sculpting, woodworking and much more, with varying skill levels ranging from beginners to more experienced artists. Each class is led by an instructor who is passionate about bringing out the inner artist in everyone.

Sawtooth also houses the Eleanor and Egbert Davis Gallery, which features unique exhibits that change throughout the year, as well as a gift shop where locals and visitors can purchase works by local artists.

Creating art is incredibly important for children. The school’s youth programs are designed to encourage creativity, connection and self-expression. Thanks to these programs, our future community leaders will improve their minds through the arts and become more innovative and forward thinking.

Sawtooth’s contributions to Winston-Salem go even deeper. Art has been proven to help with problem-solving and critical thinking and has also been shown to be vital for mental health and healing. The Center’s “Wellness Through the Arts” program has been helping students express their personal feelings through art since 2012.

To thank the folks at Sawtooth for all of their hard work, we sent our ice cream cart to their recent “Artists Unite” event to serve free ice cream and treats to staff and their families.

We hope you’ll join us in thanking and rewarding the creative people you know in our wonderful city!